It’s been a while..

Nearly three years, in fact. I always intended this to be a place I’d end up writing about my work, something that felt kind of like a public research output. The truth is though, that it was a commitment I wasn’t ready to make.

I wasn’t really sure exactly where my thesis would end up, or how I could turn my everyday findings into suitable posts. Now that I’ve got a much better handle on it all, i.e. I’ve nearly finished, I know what to say.. I’m later with submission than I should be, mostly as a knock-on effect of the schools having been closed for six months. I might write about what I’ve found at some point, I might not. I’ll turn some of it into journal articles, but perhaps some of the little side stories I’ve found along the way will find a home here.

What I’d like to do before all that is make a home for something completely different, a list of children’s books that were recommended to us last year, that might prove useful to someone else in the future. Back in ten.

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